Proven Scientific Placement ™

At Stratacuity, a leading Boston-area scientific placement firm, we understand that the right hire can be the catalyst to the next breakthrough. That’s why the process to find the right candidates should be as rigorous as the sciences we serve. Born in 2000 out of a profound and personal need to understand and battle Cystic Fibrosis, Stratacuity makes it a point to know and care about the cures our clients seek. Today, our firm works for an elite group of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to provide retained, contingency and contract/consulting placement services to those who want to make a difference scientifically. Simply put, when biopharmaceutical companies hire better people, the chances of new life-saving therapeutics being discovered and approved increase exponentially. Stratacuity is built to find better people who are dedicated to making a difference scientifically, and that ideal guides every step in our placement process. We connect companies to candidates, candidates to careers and careers to scientific advancement.