How our staffing experience creates great consulting outcomes.

As ASGN is one of the foremost providers of professional services in the IT, creative, engineering, life sciences and government spaces, its divisions are increasingly asked by clients to supply and manage specialized teams, often at a moment’s notice, and to be responsible for project outcomes.

To meet this demand, ASGN has built consulting capabilities and solutions across all of its divisions. 

How ASGN consulting works

The model is based on a collaboration between an ASGN division and a client, who together determine a statement of work (SoW), how the project team will be formed, and how the project will be managed and delivered. ASGN fields an experienced engagement team to manage execution to a successful outcome. The way we put teams together provides exceptional matching of capabilities to the exact needs of the client and project. 

Specialized, just-in-time teams

An important way that the ASGN consulting model differs from traditional consulting is that teams are built using a large pool of previously interviewed and vetted talent, professionals who have the skills and experience that match the needs for the team. Clients appreciate that while traditional consulting firms may have to send whoever is available on the bench, our team is comprised of skilled team members who are experienced with the most current technologies and who are immediately available, thus providing just-in-time teams that can be more cost effective and a better fit for a project’s SoW and timeframe. 

A relationship commitment to client satisfaction

Our consulting model centers on providing a custom fit to the need at hand, and it doesn’t stop there. Clients are regularly surveyed to monitor engagement team performance and how well client expectations are being met. Regular program oversight, including 360° project satisfaction surveys, estimate-at-completion (EAC) reviews, and risk review reports are used to monitor project progress and risk. Annual surveys bring forward and address any outstanding issues that may have arisen. 

Two ASGN divisions that are leading this evolution are Apex Systems and Oxford Global Resources.

Apex Systems

Apex uses specialized technology and industry practice groups to deliver the most talented and qualified team to clients in all major industries. Apex has a presence in over 65 markets across North America, with professionals currently working in companies throughout the U.S. and Canada. 

Apex maintains diverse consulting capabilities, including digital enterprise solutions, IT security, IT strategy consulting, migration services, software development and workforce management. Its flexible, technology-focused model provides national support for high-volume needs, as well as customized solutions for small scale, niche requirements. 

This structured process, applied in a culture that thrives on a high quality of attention, has made Apex’s client satisfaction scores among the industry’s best, with a Net Promoter Score (NPS) reaching 78.2% in 2020. The industry’s average score was 28% for 2020.1

One recent Apex assignment illustrates how our consulting model is adding value to our corporate relationships and raising client satisfaction. The client, a global provider of IT services, solutions, and products, needed an experienced, efficient partner to stand up and manage a technical support team across 20 different states, in more than 100 markets. 

To meet the fast-paced and multifaceted demands of the client, Apex assembled a dedicated team, including an account manager, an engagement manager and a compliance specialist. This team worked diligently to field a technical support team in each of the client’s markets, to provide the service and to manage the surge in the team, as required to deal with a fluctuating demand by the client. The team also accounted for and generated outcomes as specified in the contract (SLAs). 

Apex’s comprehensive approach enabled it to gain a larger share of the assignment, leading it to be awarded exclusivity for the next fiscal year. In addition, the Apex team has successfully supported an average annual volume increase of 30 percent, while managing team size and productivity.

Oxford Global Resources 

As a leading staffing and consulting company with offices across North America and Europe, Oxford has more than 35 years of recruitment expertise and a network of 56,000+ professionals across the globe, all of whom are vetted, pre-screened and ready to work. Oxford recently was ranked by Forbes as one of the best professional recruiting firms in the United States for the second year running.

Although Oxford consults in a variety of industries, its healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device organization consultants are especially prized throughout the world. It currently serves more than 150 hospitals and 165 life sciences companies. 

One Oxford client is a health system. They were about to go live with a major software implementation and needed to train the staff, guide the process and help the physicians adapt to the program. Oxford supplied a specialized and vetted team that included 1 physician, 3 nurses and 7 trainers who are experts in the specific software package and also bring an additional specialty in oncology, ICU or ED. The result was a fully prepared staff and a successful go-live, with at-the-elbow support to resolve any minor issues. 

A key differentiator  

As business sophistication increases, corporate leaders are looking for service providers who step up and provide more value. In a tight labor market, the ability to land skilled workers and supply tuned teams that can hit the ground running is becoming a critical differentiator in both staffing and consulting. 

1This report was prepared and independently validated by ClearlyRated. ClearlyRated utilizes a Net Promoter Score survey program to help professional service firms measure their service expereience, build online reputation, and differentiate on service quality.

Photo: Nuchy Lee on ReShot