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We are committed to creating a more sustainable and inclusive future, including supporting our partners to do the same.


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Our environmental, social, governance (“ESG”) efforts serve the interests of our stakeholders: our team members, clients, partners, investors, stockholders, and shared community. By continuing to invest in sustainable practices, we are building a strong foundation for long-term, durable growth and continued stability.  

In 2022, among other accomplishments, we established a carbon emissions reduction plan, aligned with the United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles ("WEPs"), and deployed strategic AI/ML initiatives. For more on our efforts, see our 2022 ESG Report. We believe transparency builds trust and leads to progress. 

On the Commercial side of our business, our clients include large enterprises and Fortune 1000 companies, while on the Government side, we provide mission-critical solutions to the Department of Defense, the intelligence community and federal civilian agencies. As a leading provider of critical IT and business solutions for a diverse set of industries, we are committed to evolving based on our client and industry needs.


Committed to Continual Improvement in ESG

We’ve made great progress since ASGN embarked upon its ESG journey four years ago. We will work to strengthen and refine our procedures and processes to build upon our meaningful progress. Please direct questions regarding our ESG efforts to esg@asgn.com.


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