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New Interactive Platform! ASGN's 2020 Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Report is presented in an interactive platform rather than a PDF. Detailed information about our goals and progress towards them is organized by ASGN's five new ESG focus areas: Data and Security, Responsible Business, Our Workforce, Social Responsibility, and Environmental Responsibility. The metrics, including historical metrics, can be viewed as the entire report or through the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) or MSCI Inc.'s ESG reporting frameworks.

By adhering to best practices in ESG we are creating long-term value for the Company and our community.
Ted Hanson, CEO

Despite the challenges of this unprecedented past year, we made substantive progress towards our 2019 ESG goals, especially in the areas of workforce wellbeing, philanthropy (“social responsibility”), and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programming. These new offerings included expanding virtual wellness programming for our employees and consultants to meet their needs as most of them worked offsite for the majority of the year due to COVID-19 health and safety regulations; supporting the development of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs); and Company-wide employee, executive-level, and Board trainings on unconscious bias and emotional intelligence to deepen our commitment to ethnic, racial, and gender equality. We are also proud to report that even with the restrictions brought on by the global pandemic, our employees volunteered over 7,200 hours of their time to local charities and nonprofits, more than doubling our volunteer efforts in 2019.

To better reflect our increased commitment to become a true ESG leader in the professional services sector, we updated our guiding principles, reporting framework, and ESG Policy.

To increase our transparency and accountability, we improved the tracking and reporting of some of our key performance indicators (KPIs) including employee engagement activities and trainings, and the diversity of our employees and Board members. We have also included historical metrics where available, and commenced the tracking and reporting of our travel-related greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs). In 2019 our total business travel-related GHG emissions were 6,719 metric tons. Due to the significant decline in business travel, in 2020 our GHG emissions dropped to only 269 metric tons, representing a 96 percent decrease.

Added Value

We know that by adhering to best practices in ESG we are creating long-term value for the Company. Our 2020 ESG goals and upcoming policies and programs will result in a considerable leap forward for our entire Company in 2021. And undoubtedly, we will continue to strengthen and refine our procedures and processes along the way and set forth more measurable goals for future years. With each new year, we look forward to reporting more extensively and comprehensively on our ESG KPIs, and in doing so, increasingly demonstrating meaningful and positive impacts for all of our stakeholders. We are and always will be committed to continual improvement. Questions regarding our ESG Policy and annual reporting should be directed to


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